Spider-Man is a playable hero character in Avengeance: Heroes Among Us. He is classified as a Gadget User.
MUA2 SpiderMan

Spider-Man (Peter Parker)


Bitten by a radioactive spider whilst attending a lab demonstration, Peter Parker inherited the strengths and abilities of an archanid, but the death of his Uncle quickly showed him that with great power must come great responsibility.

Regime Edit

Heartbroken by the death of his Aunt and Wife atop so many other tragedies, it was easy for Stark to provide a comforting hand through the Regime, but his feelings on its actions are beginning to display doubts on its purpose.

Spider Armour Edit

When Otto Octavius schemed to destroy Earth's atmosphere with the Sinister Six to prevent others surviving past his impending death, Spider-Man designed a new Spider Armour to help combat his enemies all across the Earth with allies like Black Widow and Silver Sable.

Superior Spider-Man Edit

Otto Octavius refused to submit to death, transferring his brain patterns with that of Peter Parker and assuming control of his body. With Parker apparently dead but urging Otto to follow his example, Otto has vowed to fight crime as the Superior Spider-Man.

Marvel Zombies Edit

Bitten by Colonel America the Spider-Man of Earth 2149 was incapable of stopping himself from consuming Mary Jane and Aunt May. A zombie with a heart, Parker finds himself torn between his desires of hunger and the hero he wishes to still be.

Symbiote Edit

When Peter was transported to Battleworld he discovered a machine able to create clothing, granting him a new black suit with the ability to create web fluid simply by thought. Peter only later learnt the suit was a symbiote and feeding off his abilities, eventually becoming Venom. Peter was given a regular black costume by the Black Cat due to her fondness for it.

Scarlet Spider Edit

Once a corrupted clone of Peter Parker, Kaine accepted his counterpart's more heroic origins during his battles with Kraven and the Spider Queen, before travelling to Houston, Texas to undertake his own path as the new Scarlet Spider

Iron Spider Edit

The superhuman Civil War saw much conflicted opinions, but Peter Parker was one of its most significant. Siding with Tony Stark and given a new Iron Spider armour with advanced tech, it was only with Black Goliath's death and his troubles on Prison 42 that he helped Aunt May and MJ escape Stark Tower and join Captain America's forces.

Ultimate Edit

When Peter Parker of Earth 1610 was killed by the Green Goblin, Miles Morales assumed the role of Spider-Man. Possessing variant abilities to the previous Spidey including an enhanced Spider Sense and venom blasts Miles protects his version of New York under the watchful eye of Nick Fury and the Ultimates.

Events of Avengeance: Heroes Among UsEdit


Intro (Main Costume): Spider-Man is web swinging across the city and then lands into the battlefield. He then says, "You gotta be kidding! This is too easy!"

Outro (Main Costume): Spider-Man says "And a little something for The Daily Bugle." as he wraps his camera up in web. He then zips over to the other side with his defeated opponent behind him and the camera snaps the picture. The scene cuts to a wooden board with a newspaper falling on it showing Spider-Man giving the thumbs up.

Intro (Regime Costume):

Outro (Regime Costume):

Intro (New 52 Costume):

Outro (New 52 Costume):


Move List Edit

Basic Attacks:

Air Attacks:


  • Forward / Reverse Throw - (Left / Right L + H) - Spider-Man grabs his opponent, leaps and kicks them forward.

Combo Attacks:

Special Moves:

  • Spider Sting - (Down, Left + H, H) - Spider-Man uppercuts his opponent into the air. This is followed by Spider Bite where he then punches the opponent downward.
  • Web Swing - (Left, Right + M) - Spider-Man shoots his web at the sky and swings on it, kicking his opponent as he goes.
  • Web Throw - (Down, Right + H) - Spider-Man shoots web at his opponent and swings him/her to the other side.
  • Web Glide - (Down, Left, Right + L) - Spider-Man shoots web and hurdles up into the air.

Character TraitEdit

Web Ball: Spider-Man traps his opponent inside a web.

Super MoveEdit

Ultimate Web Slinger: Spider-Man shoots web at his opponent and traps him/her inside it. He jumps up and swings the webbed opponent everywhere until it starts to break. Spider-Man then kicks the opponent all over the place, with every hit leading to webbing in parts of him/her. Afterwards, Spider-Man kicks the trapped opponent off of the webs and back into the battleground.


Clash Edit

  • "Here comes the Spider-Man!" - Clash with any Character
  • "The Daily Bugle would pay big time to see this." - Clash with any Character
  • "With great power comes great responsibility." - Clash with any Character
  • "This is why J.J. pays me big bucks." - Clash with any Character
  • "I'm done messing around!" - Clash with any Character




Powers and AbilitiesEdit